WEST BIKING Silica Gel Filled Comfortable Bike Saddle - Bike Seat

Comfortable Cushioned Seat For Smooth Riding.
  • Weight: 418g
  • Comfortable and Breathable
  • Shock Dampening
  • Silicone Gel Cushion Padding
Product Code: WB-Cushion-Seat-Brown
Brand: West Biking
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Rs. 4,499


Main Features

Product Information Brand: WEST BIKING
Name: Bicycle Comfortable Saddle
Material: PU Leather, Polyurethane
Colors: Black White / Black Red / Black Green / Black Blue
Weight: About 418g
Size: About 27(L) * 16(W)cm
Features: Comfortable, Breathable, Damping, Ergonomics
01 Hollow Design Breathable and Fresh Center through-hole ventilation, more comfortable ride
02 High Quality PU Leather Surface -- Wearable Silicone filled --- soft and comfortable
03 03 Streamlined Shape / Wind Resistance Riding fast and comfortable riding
04 ARC Suspension Bow High elastic shock absorber, provide strong support


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